About Us

Over 35 years of development, Rapid Pharmaceuticals has developed a novel and unique platform of peptide therapeutics targeting the modulation of cell surface receptors of the innate immune system. This system serves to respond quickly to protect the body against infections and injuries, unlike adaptive immunity. The compounds we have identified existed within lentiviral envelope proteins, which have themselves evolved within the natural human host, to control and balance multiple innate inflammatory pathways, while preserving essential host defense mechanisms.

Inflammation is a key component of the innate immune response which serves as a defense to infection or injury as the immune system attempts to control an infectious agent or repair damaged tissue, as in the case of injury.  Key mediators of innate immunity are the chemokines and their receptors because they control and coordinate inflammation.  Specific immune cells need to be moved into tissue sites of injury, and the chemokines co-ordinate this response. Each of the chemokine systems tailor the defense and repair response to the local environment based on the type of injury or infection.  As drivers of the inflammatory response, chemokines and their receptors present opportunities for the development of new therapies. All chronic degenerative diseases involve activation of chemokine pathways, which may then lead to treatments.

RAPID has established technologies to develop proprietary medicines that modulate the surface receptors which then control pathological innate immune disease pathways, without disrupting the normal cell processes. The medicines are simple peptide based compounds with added improvements to protect from aggregation and degradation and can be dosed both nasally, and by oral administration, while retaining potency.

Since RAPID’s founding, we have developed this novel class of proprietary small molecule therapeutics that target the chemokine network.  The compounds, which we call “RAP’s” are distinguished from other chemokine targeting compounds in their multi-receptor coverage, intrinsic potency, and now oral bioavailability. Lead compounds have been safely administered to people for years in multiple disease indications with no adverse side effects.

RAPID’s therapeutics are being developed for brain trauma, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system including Progessive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy (PML), Traumatic Brain Injuries, Alzheimer’s Disease, and pain, such as in Diabetic and Peripheral Neuropathies.

Receptor Active Peptides into Drugs