Targeted Peptide Therapeutics

We have developed a novel and unique platform of peptide therapeutics targeting the modulation of cell surface receptors.

Cell surface receptors are key to many major diseases. Our peptide therapeutics integrate into the cell surface receptors and block the disease pathway without disrupting the natural cell processes.  

RAPID established a proprietary technology to discover and develop peptide based medicines stable to aggregation and degradation in nasal and oral administration.

With our technology we synthesize short receptor active peptides derived from larger human or viral proteins, which we modify and stabilize into potent bioactive therapeutic compounds. 

These therapeutic compounds may then be used as safe and highly effective bodywide mediators that regulate cell communication within and among the nervous, immune and glandular systems. In this way we create novel treatments to many of the challenging chronic diseases of our time. 

RAPID develops therapeutics for infectious diseases, the central nervous system, immune disorders, inflammation, cancer and cardiovascular diseases.


Neuropathic Pain            



Peripheral Neuropathy                    

Chronic Hepatitis B



Prostate Cancer

Corporate News


RAPID recruited an expert Executive Committee to steer the company
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RAPID speaks at TIDES Oligonucleotide and Peptide Conference
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RAPID speaks at the Drug Delivery and Formulation America 2012 Conference in San Diego
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RAPID speaks at the Life Science & Healthcare Summit 2012 in New York
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RAPID speaks at The Global Leaders Healthcare Conference in San Francisco
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Publication in Pain Magazine on RAP103 for Treatment of Neuropathic Pain
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